Troubled teenager

Maisy (Guest) on Monday, October 01 2012, 11:14 AM
Hi. I am a single Mum with 3 children. My eldest is a 14 year old boy. I have moved him away from his school and friends as he was getting in with the wrong crowd. He is so angry with me and desperate to return to his old school and friends. I don't think a day out doing exactly what he wants would help. He would want to be with his friends not me? Any help would be greatly received?
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    Replied by oj on Wednesday, October 03 2012, 05:03 PM · Hide · #1
    14 is at the top end of when LB still applies, its true. It partly depends on your past and present relationship with him how it would pan out. I know it sounds odd, but if you really do offer him a blank emotional cheque, you could be very pleasantly surprised by how nice to know he becomes, as well as by how much you remember why you were so overjoyed when he arrived in the first place! What is more, it might only take one day but if you can use the day as the kick off for some kind of shared interest, it might get you heading in a different trajectory. I realise that as a single mum its that much harder to organize but i would still strongly recommend giving it a go. Do let me know how you get on. Best of luck with it...
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