Mum or Dad?

Polly (Guest) on Sunday, September 23 2012, 05:22 PM
I have a hunch that this will really make a difference to our angry and sometimes aggresive 8 year old but my question is - how do you decide if it's mum or dad who will spend the time with him?
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    Replied by oj on Monday, September 24 2012, 01:31 PM · Hide · #1
    hi polly, oliver here. ALmost always it seems to be the mother who does it, though there is absolutely no reason why it could not be the father. Its in the nature of modern life that children tend to get looked after by mothers more than fathers and that it is the mother that is craved more, but of course, there are increasing numbers of families in which the care is shared or the man is the main carer. In your case, if he is angry and aggressive, you may well be thinking 'oh god, can i face spending so much time with a boy who will be horrible!' Fear not, though, i have not encountered a single case (out of over 100) where it was like that. It always seems to end up feeling loved up, although the book explains that you can have one or two outbursts along the way if you spend a weekend away. But i would take the plunge, if i were you, or if dad is the right person (based on above), encourage him to. Good Luck and do keep me posted.
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